5-Axis Milling: Subtractive Manufacturing

Our process utilizes CAD/CAM subtractive manufacturing
techniques in a production sequence. Subtractive
manufacturing is a process in which bulk material is placed on
our machine and the router removes that material in a series of
steps: rough pass and finish pass. The design team utilizes
CAM software programming to control and direct the cutting
sequence of the CNC machine center providing us with a
platform to develop large parts for assembly or small on off
parts. Our machines are capable of milling 120″ on the x-axis, 180″ on the y-axis and 48″ on the z-axis. We have the capability to mill non-ferrous metals like aluminum, varieties of foam, wood, and composites.

Digital Design and Lights-Out Manufacturing

Lights-Out Manufacturing: we build parts when our associates have gone home. Our design team has built in a quality system of digital checks and balances within the design process, Digital Design. Digital Design allows us the flexibility of manufacturing a part in our CAD/CAM software prior to the material reaching the production floor. Our Digital Design process verifies: part fabrication, tool path of the machine to avoid collisions and generates lead times. Through the digital design process, production has the ability to place parts on the machine, hit start and let the machine run all night with the peace of mind knowing there will be no collisions ae issues with the material at the end of the run cycle. Additionally, we are able to extend our capacity without the reliance on man power.


Having a Quality Management System is important ot us. AAC is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design and manufacture of high precision nonferrous metals, composites wood and foam products requiring 3 axis and 5 axis machines, a variety of engineered coatings, urethane castings and industrial painting. Quality is one of our four goals as a company and we believe in making your part accurately. If we make a mistake, we will be transparent and implement a corrective action to eliminate the issue from our process. we are not perfect, but we do strive for perfection.

Flexible in Multi-Stage Processes

Our Competitive advantage comes from the capability to combine internal fabrication and machining operations to save time and money. Our primary equipment, the 3 and 5 axis machinery, combined with secondary equipment, the CNC cutters and high pressure sprayes, provides one-stop sourcing. The combination of equipment reduces the need for post fabrication finishing, such as coating of materials and smoothing of finishes.

Access Anvil’s 5 axis milling techniques, state of the art CNC hot wire cutting, foam shaping, and engineered coatings puts us on the leading edge of creating products of all types. Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to produce one-off parts or maintain long run manufacturing. We utilize multiple shifts and lights out manufacturing to insure your parts are fabricated and delivered on time at lower costs.